All over the world there are amazing down towns. Famous songs have been written with the words “down town” but I wonder if that one song is really about a down town in some city or is about something else. I kind of don’t think it is about a city but we won’t go there right now. Anyway, most of us have driven through many down towns though out are lives and they seem to have some similarities, to me anyway.

Downtown Miami One thing is parking is always a hassle the closer to downtown I get. It really seems like I always pay a premium to park somewhere too far away and then walk a long way to get to where I am going. Maybe I have been spoiled by living in suburbia with my garage door opener and ample parking at the local shopping centers and different venues.

The one-way streets common in downtowns can be a pain to navigate if you are unfamiliar with them because no matter what it always seems when I need to turn one way the street is going the wrong way, at least it seems that way for me at that moment. Then I end up driving through a seemingly endless maze of one way streets always going the wrong way taking me further and further from my down town destination. I don’t think I am the only one this happens to. I mean, can I be??

So I figure when this happens try and enjoy the unique look whatever downtown I happen to be in. But like a lot of things this is easier said Continue reading “Downtowns”

Chandler Arizona – Downtown Gem

chandler az downtownWho would have thought that there’s a connection between Chandler Arizona and ostriches? Most everybody knows that the Arizona desert is extremely hot in the summer time. And this is no doubt true of Chandler. Yet the quaint little downtown offers a relaxing and wonderful place to spend some time. Even during the heat of the summer, there is a multitude of wonderful spots to duck into to enjoy yourself.  One of our favorite places to get coffee in the east valley of Phoenix AZ at Peixoto coffee right on the 87 on the West Side just south of the Plaza.

Even in the desert heat we drink a lot of coffee. This place is really nice because it offers coffee that actually is shipped in as raw beans from the family-owned Plantation in Brazil South America. They then grind the beans right there after roasting them to a delicious aroma. The coffee has a definite European appeal to it, the drinks are not overly sweet like many of the chain coffee shops. So while walking around Chandler this is a great place to stop and get some go-juice to put a little pep in your step.

Chandler is actually named after a doctor who owned land there in the late 18oo’s. He broke the land up and sold it off and the city of Chandler was born. And isn’t it strange that Chandler is actually known for ostriches. There is a yearly festival called the ostrich Festival in the springtime and it is definitely a hoot and a great place to see. It is very child-friendly and what small child is not going to be in awe of seeing these magnificent large birds.

Don’t forget to eat some great Mexican food as there is an abundance of restaurants serving just that in Arizona and Chandler specifically. Our friends who you can visit here highly recommend many of the restaurants in Chandler.

If you find yourself in need of their great service because your car is broken down and you need a tow don’t hesitate to call them they work 365 days a year and know the Chandler area like the back of their hand. We are grateful to them for telling us about so many wonderful little holes in the wall and turning us on to visiting Chandler.  They have helped many local and visiting motorists get back on the road when they just needed something simple done to their vehicle. They’ve also helped many people by towing their cars and trucks to a local repair facility. Small companies who do good business like this deserve to be mentioned.

By far the best time to visit Downtown Chandler is in the winter, spring or fall when the weather is cooler. Arizona gets extremely hot in the summer and temperatures can hit a hundred and twenty, but, yes it’s a dry heat. After a while you get used to it but you definitely don’t want to stay out in it too long and it’s important to drink plenty of water and fluids. The combination of the dry Arizona air and the Heat causes you to lose moisture quickly. Therefore, making sure that you take in plenty of fluids that will help your stay and your body to be happy while visiting.

Carpets in Big Downtown Hotels

Most everybody that’s had time to visit downtown knows that there’s usually some pretty big hotels there. These hotels are obviously heavily used many times they are connected to a convention center or something like that. They’re usually pretty grand hotels with a lot of beautiful amenities great architecture wonderful things to look at. Many have ceilings that just seem too soar for stories and they look just beautiful.

Chicago 1

With all the heavy use they get often times they have a lot of beautiful commercial grade carpet. Could you imagine trying to keep all of that carpet clean? I wouldn’t want to be a lone carpet cleaner taking care of acres of beautiful carpet would you.


Most of these Commercial hotels have contracts with professional carpet cleaners like our friends at to keep them looking their best and regularly service them. There is no doubt that this is a very good move on the management’s part to keep their beautiful hotel being a desirable place for people to come and visit. I don’t know about you but I have visited or stayed in some hotels that have had less than stellar quality carpets on the floor. Many times there’s a lot of wrinkles and such in these types of places. So most high quality downtown hotels will have very beautiful carpet that is maintained regularly by professional carpet cleaners.


These carpet cleaners really need to know how to take great care of these carpets. Most of the time these carpets in these facilities are not inexpensive contractor grade carpets. They are usually high and very detailed high quality and beautiful rugs and carpets. The companies have a lot of money invested into this flooring and therefore it’s in their best interest to keep it looking fantastic.


I wonder how they choose which professional carpet cleaners to use to keep their facilities looking beautiful. The sums of money they must spend on this regular maintenance is not very small most likely. These hotel companies are out to make good money and therefore they invest in their facilities. So it does not make sense for them to cheap out and not regularly clean their carpets with high quality equipment and professional workman.


Not only is there a lot of high and carpet and high and hotels there’s also a lot of high-end hard flooring such as tile and marble. Similarly if you’ve ever visited a casino they have very beautiful surroundings to make your stay very comfortable. Companies know and hotel owners know that making their facilities very grand encourages more traffic and more profit. Therefore they always hire good quality companies to keep the floors clean weather they’re made out of tile marble or carpets.


Not only do these beautiful carpets help to keep customers coming back they make the person stay very pleasant by keeping the place quieter. If everything is made of a hard surface then there tends to be a lot of echoes and noise. Carpets not only make a beautiful surrounding and visually appealing environment they also make the place warmer and quieter. Given that there’s literally acres of carpet in a big downtown hotel or any hotel for that matter that really makes sense to keep them clean using the best professional carpet cleaners that are available.


Not only do they have beautiful carpets on the floor often times they have exquisite rugs. Some are very valuable and they have even been known to hang them on the wall. They also have tapestries that are hung on walls that really make the place is pop. All of these carpet materials need to be maintained with the greatest of care. Getting stains out of carpets can take a lot of skill and it makes sense to only use professionals you know how to get the job done right. Consider the fact that the people in the hotel generally our guests they don’t care as much as if it was their own home and their own carpet. The fact that the hotel generally provides food and drink makes the likelihood of an accident pretty hi. So given this situation having the carpets scrubbed and shampooed as well as using hot water extraction makes a lot of sense. No doubt the local facility manager also has chemicals and supplies on hand to do spot cleaning in case the professional crew is not available to come in right after a spill.

Some useful information on carpet cleaning follows here courtesy of Carpet Cleaners Santa Clarita here:

Keeping your carpets clean is very vital and you should do it by regular intervals, not only that, you should also invest in professional carpet cleaners almost every 8 to 9 months. Unclean carpets can be a real danger to your health as dust, grime, dirt, unhealthy moisture and stench gets stuck into it and process into bacteria. Many households have carpets in their houses and Continue reading “Carpets in Big Downtown Hotels”

Mobile Detailing and Cruising


There is something about cruising in your car that is really an American tradition in ways. Movies have been made about it and most of us yearn to take road trips and see the beauty that is available to us daily if we take time to look.


It seems there are areas, at least in the US, that are really known as “car areas”. Southern California most definitely fits this description. With the combination of great scenery and typically great weather people have flocked to live there.


It is truly an area where a car is needed. It is so big and spread out that relying on public transportation is not an option for most people. People who live in SoCal typically spend a lot of time in their cars.


With so many people there the traffic can be really bad and commutes can be way longer than the distance travelled would imply. So it makes a lot of sense that people keep their cars clean and detailed. A favorite of ours for keeping the car clean is this Santa Clarita mobile auto detailing company,


With so much to see in the area it is so much nicer to see it from a clean and detailed car. Also, with so much traffic and longer commute times who likes Continue reading “Mobile Detailing and Cruising”

Portland, OR: Bustle Nestled as Beauty

Portland 1The Pacific Northwest has a beauty beyond compare.  The lushness of the foliage that envelopes the scenery, creates imagination in the beholder.  Nestled amongst the green horizons is a city with character of its own.  Portland Oregon has an amazing vibe and beauty that has become more and more popular. Within the city are great restaurant and shops for tourist’s delight.  As a resident, you may find quaint local businesses that allow you to embrace the Portland you learned to love.


Traveling into the metro of Portland, you will find a number of activities to immerse yourself in.  From local artisans to museums, there is more than a handful of attractions for any city dweller.  Portland supports its local business and caters to the surrounding nature, so you will find that organic and natural restaurants available, with fresh ingredients and pleasant staff.  You more than likely stumble across Continue reading “Portland, OR: Bustle Nestled as Beauty”

Los Angles- Versatile City Nestled in History

Bonaventure1The sun shines above the well-known city by the Pacific.  The proximity of Los Angles leaves ones heart to wish of residence.  Though the traffic is great and the open country is rare, this metropolis has amenities that all desire.  Hence, why the tourist attraction. From ocean to land, the greater Los Angeles area peaks the interest of any who cast their eyes upon it.  With the ocean at your fingertips and city attractions just a drive away, you can enjoy a day filled with relaxation and fun and you tour this metropolitan area.


Art and History:


California is rich in history that one could learn something new on daily basis if they wanted to.  There are a number of interactive museums that will interest the whole family.  From the Getty Museum to the Huntington Library, one could be drawn into the life of one’s historical past.


The Huntington Library has not only indoor historical interests, such as artifacts and antiquities from Henry E. Huntington collections, but there is also an opportunity to live as Huntington and his wife did, having high tea.  Served daily except Tuesday, the tea room serves pastries sandwiches and desserts that look as if they have come from a period many years ago.   There are also the many Continue reading “Los Angles- Versatile City Nestled in History”

Dallas, TX- Hidden Gems Beneath the Media Mass

When one thinks of Dallas, many think of Dallas Cowboys or Dallas the television series.  Yet within the proud endless land of spacious land, lies gems of art and history.  You could drive for miles on the outskirts of this massive city.  But there is midst of skyscrapers and concrete freeways are museums and history that some may pass by and not notice.  There are lovely parks and ponds that one could walk along.  There is amazing food from southern style to an elite selection.  There are festivals that embrace the diversity that may seem hidden amongst the media culture given.  Overall, Dallas has a lot to offer a city dweller, if one makes effort to find it.

dallas 1

The museums captured artifacts and art that contain the history of the Native American that lived in what is now known as Texas.  The history of their culture, their fight for where they lived and the protection of their heritage.  If one would take a moment and observe the writings that a historian and archeologist took the time to express, they see the life of people that lived without a form of disturbance for a time.


Along with the settlement history that you can find at the museums in downtown Dallas, you will find food and city history as well. What made Dallas come to be?  There is so much to Continue reading “Dallas, TX- Hidden Gems Beneath the Media Mass”

Albuquerque Area – High Desert in the South West

Alb SunsetNew Mexico is called the land of enchantment for good reason. There are probably few places in the United States that have the sunsets that occur here so often. Sure, a lot of places have a good sunset now and then but in New Mexico it is almost a sure thing if there are any clouds in the sky. The light and colors in New Mexico can be spectacular. It must have to do with the altitude in the northern half of the state. Albuquerque is at about 5000 feet and the mountains in northern New Mexico reach up into the 12000 foot range. There is some great skiing in the north half of the state with the beautiful blue skies and clean air.

The culture in New Mexico is also a mixture of cultures with a fascinating history. Native Americans settled into the region dating back to approximately the 1200 CE time frame. Contrary to the nomadic native tribes in the plains the settlers here built pueblos and settled in. Some of these pueblos are Continue reading “Albuquerque Area – High Desert in the South West”